How to Install the PROIV Download

When your download of PROIV is complete, go to the file at the bottom of your browser or in your downloads location.

1. Select Open and then Run


2. The Installation Wizard will prepare and open to walk you through the process. For the purpose of the Labs tutorials we strongly recommend to use all Default Options for the installation


3. The Terms and Conditions will open for you to read and agree to


4. On completion of the Installation Wizard there will be a summary screen, and the option to Install in the lower right corner


5. The installation will begin and will take a few minutes to complete


6. When the installation is complete you will need to restart your system


7. Go to the PROIV Client shortcut, and double-click.
If the PROIV icon has not appeared on your desktop, go to Home and type ‘PROIV Client’ into ‘Search programs and files’

8. The PROIV Client will open and ask for your server type (Select Windows) and then for
Username: SYS
Password: SYS



Now you are ready to begin exploring PROIV, why not begin with the Create Lab today.

If you have not been able to install your PROIV download, and you have checked that your machine meets the system requirements, please contact us for help and advice.