Enterprise App Development Unleashed.

PROIV is the low-code platform that gets you from idea to reality faster than you ever imagined. From accelerating Digital Transformation in the enterprise to slashing time to market for Software Developers – PROIV unleashes the potential of your business and removes the IT development bottleneck.

 As you would expect from a world class development platform, PROIV Application is much more than the technology itself. We provide professional services to support your early development and make sure that you are getting the very best from our technology. Our support and maintenance services are there to give you peace of mind and access to patches and fixes should you find a bug. But most importantly, you become part of the PROIV world wide community of successful developers; an eco-system of people just like you who are helpful and have probably been just where you are today.

For a comprehensive list of supported operating systems, databases and forthcoming end of life statements, please see the current Version 9 Production Release Notes at support.proiv.com

Why develop with PROIV?


The platform supports both vertical and horizontal scaling, providing a flexible approach to managing spikes for high demand of system resources.


PROIV applications can be seamlessly developed and deployed across a wide range of Operating Systems and Database combinations. Ranging from AIX and Solaris with Oracle, Windows and Linux with PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server and Azure SQL to Mainframe (IBM Z-Systems) utilising CICS and DB2.

Third Party System Integration

An extendable platform offering integration through both the UI and server components. Simply publish business processes using REST services for other systems to consume. Equally, a PROIV application can extend its reach by consuming REST services publish by other systems. Other methods are available using scripting languages, java or CSS and java script for UI enhancements.

Product Durability

PROIV is an investment that will continue to deliver reliability as technologies evolve in future years. Applications built in the late 1990’s using the PROIV platform have remained current without the need for development. The PROIV platform is continually being enhanced to keep with current trends; while minimising effort from application builders to re-engineer their systems. Your business only needs to look forward with new features and not expend valuable time trying to keep old developments up to date – the platform handles this for you.


Time to market is paramount to have the competitive edge for a new start-up or building enhancement for applications. Organisations and developers choose the PROIV platform for its speed of development; thus providing the options to turn around new application features from concept through to implementation in a short amount of time. Ultimately you get more done in less time.

Browser Deployment

PROIV takes care of the nuances between browsers. Develop your application and test using your favourite browser without the concern of how the application will behave with other browsers. Open Client technology handles the behavioural differences, allowing you to focus 100% on the application.