Let’s Talk PROIV and Dashboards

Happy New Year everyone! Our popular “Let’s Talk” sessions continue in 2017, bringing together the PROIV community to connect, collaborate and learn about PROIV and its developing features. Please join us on 31st January 2017 at 9am GMT or 9am PDT, for the first session of the new year, where we will be discussing the merits… Read More

Lets Talk about the Application Profiler

“Let’s Talk” sessions bring together the PROIV community to connect, collaborate and learn about PROIV and its developing features. In this month’s session on 20th October at 9am BST and 9am PDT, the topic is the Application Profiler; an amazing new tool recently introduced in PROIV Version 8, for analysing and optimising performance.  For example, use the Application Profiler to identify the parts of a user application that… Read More

Kick-Start Development using PROIV

In just 1 hour you will learn how to build robust web services in PROIV. Once built, make them available to 3rd party applications. Learn how PROIV saves you time. You are invited to this free webinar offering hands-on development. 20th January 9:00am (BST)/13:30 (IST), 18:00 (BST)/10:00am (PDT). Before the event we will supply a fully working single developer version of… Read More