Getting started with PROIV Web Services

As you know the PROIV platform makes it very fast and easy for developers to create and publish Web Services, to make your business logic accessible to other applications or a wide variety of front end technologies. We do this by publishing RESTful Web Services.

In this Lab you will discover how to make the function you wrote in Create accessible as a service. You will be surprised just how easy this is! This could then be called by pretty much any front end or other SOA compliment application.

To help you we have included the HTML and graphics that you might need in the supporting materials. These are obviously just examples and to help you complete the learning project quickly.

Resources to help you

Before you can complete this lab you will need to have installed the PROIV platform and completed the Create Lab. Once you have done that, we recommend that you download both the PDF Lab instructions for the Publish Lab but also the associated materials (they will save you a lot of time!).

Download PUBLISH Lab Instructions

Download PUBLISH Lab Supporting Materials