pasted-image-266x558The PROIV Product Family

As you would expect from a world class development platform, PROIV Application is much more than the technology itself. We provide professional services to support your early development and make sure that you are getting the very best from our technology. Our support and maintenance services are there to give you peace of mind and access to patches and fixes should you find a bug. But most importantly, you become part of the PROIV world wide community of successful developers; an eco-system of people just like you who are helpful and have probably been just where you are today.

For a comprehensive list of supported operating systems, databases and forthcoming end of life statements, please see the current Version 9 Production Release Notes at



Platforms Guide

PROIV On Premise Edition

Maximum flexibility of server architecture & control over the location of your information.
This edition is the ideal choice for those who would like to, or need to run their application on their own infrastructure.
As technology evolves and new platforms and processing models emerge, we rapidly assess these environments as new targets for the PROIV Application Platform.

PROIV Cloud Edition

Rapid Growth, Scalability and Resilience. In Partnership with Amazon Web Services®


The Cloud Edition of PROIV is ideal for organisations who either do not have existing infrastructure or wish to take advantage of the flexibility of a cloud based deployment. Cloud Computing can provide the solution to many problems such as dynamic hardware capacity, rapid growth, disaster recovery, and of course providing an alternative to capital investment in infrastructure.

PROIV Mainframe Edition

Secure and robust, delivering the capacity required for data intensive applications. 

For the very largest and most complex business models – where the volume of transactions and performance demands it – the Mainframe Edition delivers Enterprise level performance with no limits