Getting started with Extending PROIV

One of the powerful capabilities of the PROIV platform is the ability for you to extend it with custom functions. These could be legacy legacy business logic that you wish to re-use or maybe a function that is unique to your organisation / industry segment.

To extend PROIV you will need to follow some simple guidelines to make sure that your Java code conforms to our interface. But these are simple to understand and follow, which means your new Extensions will work safely and smoothly with the rest of the platform.

This final Lab works on creating an Excel file from the data generated in the Create Lab that you previously developed.

Resources to help you

Before you can complete this lab you will need to have installed the PROIV platform and completed the Create Lab. Once you have done that, we recommend that you download the PDF Lab instructions for the Extend Lab. No associated materials are needed for this one!

Download EXTEND Lab Instructions