PROIV 8.3R0 Performance Monitor

We are pleased to announce the latest Functional Release for PROIV, this being Version 8.3R0, which is now available to download from the PROIV Support Website.

This Functional Release sees the introduction of the PROIV Performance Monitor (PPM) as well as addressing a number of key issues reported by our customers.

The PROIV Performance Monitor (PPM) is a simple-to-use, scalable solution that allows you to collect and view performance metrics of a PROIV transaction. Integrated within the Control Panel, it enables monitoring of PROIV components involved in a transaction and provides a holistic view of the elements of a transaction; allowing identification of areas of your application stack which consumed most time.
Key features of the PPM are:
  • Configuration of data components to collect and analyze performance data
  • APDEX (Application Performance Index) – makes use of a standard method to measure the performance of an application, converts into insights based on the configuration set in PPM.
  • Define thresholds that trigger an alert
  • Dashboards – provides a way to create customized dashboards for the selected PROIV components to identify trends and make informed business decisions.

For more information please Download The Release Notes.