Game Changing Source Code Management comes to PROIV v8.2

Now that PROIV release 8.21R1 is out there ”in the wild”, I wonder how many of you have noticed this new feature which enables PROIV source code to be exported in JSON format and how this can be leveraged to integrate PROIV Developer with the plethora of 3rd party external source code management systems available today?   This article explores the feature in more detail and explains why you should now start evaluating this important new feature.

Let’s Talk Source Code Management

In June’s “Let’s Talk” session, I previewed this new feature, which provides a mechanism to convert PROIV objects into JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) documents using the familiar export and import utilities.   Objects can be exported and imported in JSON format either as individual PROIV Source Objects or as a new PROIV Archive (.par file) containing multiple JSON documents.

I also demonstrated how this feature can be used to integrate PROIV Developer with an external source code management system such as Git, GitHUB or Tortoise SVN.  The Book-In and Book-Out feature has been enhanced to automatically export to JSON on book-in and import from JSON on book-out.  This allows the application developer to synchronise their booked-in code with third party version control system using tools provided, (by the third party system).  These JSON files are created in a directory location defined in the PROIV Developer Administration suite (Administration Suite > Tools > ‘JSON Repository Configuration’). By default, this is a directory called JSONRepository found within Virtual Machine file directory structure.

Diagram showing the new JSON Export / Import process

PROIV Demo Functions on GitHUB

As an example, I have exported and published the PROIV Demo functions object source, in JSON format, to a public facing GitHUB project named “PROIV-Demo” to which I invite all PROIV developers to explore, post enhancements and share new functions which demonstrate innovative use of a PROIV feature or control.

Why you should now start evaluating this powerful new feature and planning how to manage your PROIV source code in the future.

In this year’s annual announcement, we outline our plans for version 9 and talk about the impending replacement of the current PROIV Developer IDE (based on the “MFC” client) with a new IDE based on the Eclipse Open Source platform.   Now that PROIV version  8.2R1 is available on general release, the relevance this new “enabling” feature now becomes clear as it provides the mechanism for converting PROIV objects into JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) documents via the familiar export and import utilities.   This will be only supported method for migrating PROIV source code to the new PROIV Eclipse IDE.  This is why I urge you now to start evaluating this new feature and to think about the 3rd party tools you might deploy in the future to manage your PROIV source code.