Version 8.1 New Features

The first V8 maintenance release, due this summer, has been upgraded to a minor release to bring new functionality to you sooner

At the beginning of 2015, we engaged with a sample of customers to understand the needs and requirements for the product going forward. From this, we realised that the new ‘expanding rows’ feature could be included in the timeline of the first V8 maintenance, upgrading it to a minor release.

8.1 Expanding Rows

Previously, when an application is required to display additional, context sensitive information, the developer would use a popup window. This had the significant drawback of introducing screen modality to the user interface. To avoid visual clutter and reduce clicks, expanding rows allows content to be hidden or made visible on the page, either programmatically or through user interaction.

 This feature has been added to improve the OpenClient experience for a more web-like and intuitive interface. Two animation effects, ‘Slide’ and ‘Snap’, are available to expand and contract the rows, allowing for a maximum of 125 rows to be visible at any one time.

While the expanding rows are not available in the MFC client, it is compatible in that any rows defined as part of an expander will always be shown on the user interface.

Future V8 Releases

By increasing the frequency of Version 8 updates we aim to increase the responsiveness of the product and reduce the gap between development and availability, so you can benefit sooner.

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