Version 8 Release

As of Monday 22nd December, PROIV Version 8 is available and currently shipping to all pre-order customers.

An unprecedented number of customers have pre-ordered their upgrades to V8, including a significant portion of those who evaluated the product in our trials. Feedback to date confirms V8 to be a milestone for PROIV. Platforms immediately available include Windows and Linux. The Cloud Edition is set to be available in early 2015.

As described in the announcement last week, the beta testing of V8 was highly productive. Our internal testing and QA alone boasts more dedicated man hours than any prior version. In addition, the beta tests have had fewer issues, of any kind, than previous developments. The efficiency of this process has allowed the trial period to focus attention to additional enhancements and a timely release which has served to create a substantially superior product.

Tony Whitehead, Director of Software Services, says ‘I am really delighted that we have been able to deliver our newest version, PROIV Version 8, on time to such a standard. The quality of this release has been consistently high through testing and quality assurance and I am confident that this will prove to be our best ever release of software to our PROIV client base.’

New features accompanying this version range from performance enhancements in our Oracle interface to new user interface features and an application profiler. On the quality of the product, Development Director, James Sanderson, comments that ‘the feedback from the beta trial was excellent – not only in terms of product stability and quality, but in providing some great ideas we were able to incorporate into the product, even at such late stage. The functionality in this release will make a huge difference to both the end user experience and the integration capabilities of all PROIV applications.’